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POINT + Double the Donation

POINT provides a simple way to manage, engage, and mobilize volunteers. Their innovative, free tech solutions allow nonprofits to grow their impact.

360MatchPro and POINT work together to make matching gifts simple - their auto-submission functionality allows donors and employees to streamline the matching gift submission process. 

 Integrating 360MatchPro with POINT can help you drive more matching gift revenue.

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Corporate Vendor Partnership


Matching gift auto-submission across platforms


Information flows into 360MatchPro

Why Double the Donation and POINT?

POINT and Double the Donation have partnered to streamline the matching process through matching gift auto-submission. 

check Submit gifts automatically

Double the Donation and POINT partner so that donors and employees can submit matches automatically.

check Functionality across the web

Double the Donation and POINT help auto-submit gifts across different donation forms

check Simple donor + employee experience

With this integration, donors can avoid redirects or complicated steps - leading to an awesome matching experience.

"Double the Donation and POINT both want employees to actually join in their company's matching gift campaigns. Through our partnership, nonprofits win. Our integration jumps the hoops for employees to participate in matching gift programs, bringing nonprofits more dollars without any extra work." 

Madison Mikhail Bush
Founder and CEO of POINT

How do Double the 
Donation and POINT
work together?

Everyone agrees we're a great match.

How does the Double 
the Donation & POINT
integration work?

Double the Donation and POINT are revolutionizing the matching gift process. With their technology, both donors and employees can streamline their matching gift process - no extra setup steps required. 

When nonprofits use 360MatchPro, they automatically receive auto-submission functionality through corporate vendor partners, like POINT. This means that donors and employees can automatically submit their matching gift requests from their donation forms, with no redirects or confusing steps - leading to more matches and less operational lift!

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