NEON Fundraise + Double the Donation

Neon Fundraise offers a modern social fundraising platform that is clean, fresh, powerful, and most importantly, easy to use for both event administrators and end-users. Clients using Neon Fundraise consistently see an uptick in activity, including registrations, awareness, and funds raised.


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Why Double the Donation and NEON Fundraise?

Raise more from matching gifts using NEON Fundraise.

Expert Assistance

Get best in-class customer support from the Double the Donation team for your matching gift fundraising needs. 

The Whole Experience

Interact with donors about matching gifts on the donation form via autocomplete search tool & confirmation page with 360MatchPro matching gift plugin

Don't Miss a Thing

Pull all donation data into 360MatchPro to maximize your matching gift outreach potential.

“NEON Fundraise is committed to customer satisfaction, so when our client base requests certain functionality, our ears perk up. It’s no wonder that our clients wanted to connect their NEON Fundraise and 360MatchPro accounts. 360MatchPro seamlessly integrates into NEON Fundraise donation forms and completely automates the follow-up process for matching gifts.”

Joe Magee
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

How do Double the 
Donation and NEON Fundraise 
work together?

Everyone agrees we're a great match.

How does the Double 
the Donation & NEON Fundraise 
integration work?

Integrating Double the Donation with NEON Fundraise is quick and simple! Check out our integration guide, follow the setup steps, and instantly start raising more money from matching gifts.


We work together to support nonprofits.

We're proud to work together to support these nonprofits and more.

Can’t get enough of this integration?

Check out these additional resources to learn more.

National Kidney Foundation Case Study

Using NEON Fundraise and 360MatchPro, National Kidney Foundation identified $147,000 in matching gift funds in 2021 alone.

Ready to raise more 
from matching gifts?