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Funraise makes nonprofit fundraising a piece of cake. With truly innovative features and tools, fundraising is easier than ever.

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Why Double the Donation and Funraise?

Raise more from matching gifts using Funraise.

No IT Work Required

Easy API key activation means you can activate the integration in a matter of minutes. 

Flexible Settings

Choose the best pages for your 360MatchPro tools with form-level customization.

Expert Assistance

Get best in-class customer support from the Double the Donation team for your matching gift fundraising needs.

“360MatchPro doesn’t just save our clients time and effort. This integration also increases donation revenue while ditching donor frustration during the donation process. It’s Funraise’s mission to do away with the nonprofit struggle using smart, nonprofit-led fundraising technology, which is why Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro is a perfect match with Funraise.”

Justin Wheeler
CEO & Co-founder

How do Double the 
Donation and Funraise work together?

Everyone agrees we're a great match.

How does the Double 
the Donation & Funraise integration work?

Integrating Double the Donation with Funraise is quick and simple! Check out our integration guide, follow the setup steps, and instantly start raising more money from matching gifts.


We work together to support nonprofits.

We're proud to work together to support these nonprofits and more.

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