FlexFormz + Double the Donation

Easily create innovative contextual and full-page donation forms designed to increase conversion rates. FlexFormz make it easy – even for non-technical users – to create a new form or campaign via simplified WordPress dashboard tools. FlexFormz specializes in effective giving forms that donors love to use, reducing form abandonment.


Auto-complete Search

Self-Service API Key Activation

Best Friends

All Donations Flow Into 360MatchPro

Great Customer Service

Why Double the Donation and FlexFormz?

Raise more from matching gifts using FlexFormz.

No IT Work Required

Easy API key activation means you can activate the integration in a matter of minutes. 

The Whole Experience

Interact with donors about matching gifts on the donation form via autocomplete search tool & confirmation page with 360MatchPro matching gift plugin

Don't Miss a Thing

Pull all donation data into 360MatchPro to maximize your matching gift outreach potential.

"Employer matching gifts can make a real impact on nonprofits, and we wanted to provide our clients with the best possible avenue to capture these funds. This seamless integration makes matching gift fundraising simple, and it is so easy for our clients to use."

Rogelio Bazán
Director of Technical Development

How do Double the 
Donation and FlexFormz
work together?

Everyone agrees we're a great match.

How does the Double 
the Donation & FlexFormz
integration work?

Integrating Double the Donation with FlexFormz is quick and simple! Check out our integration guide, follow the setup steps, and instantly start raising more money from matching gifts.


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