Engaging Networks + Double the Donation

Engaging Networks is a flexible, completely customizable and innovative software platform for nonprofits. Today, they have two offices in Washington, D.C. and London, and serve more than 400 nonprofits in more than 50 countries around the world.


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Self-Service API Key Activation

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All Donations Flow Into 360MatchPro

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Why Double the Donation and Engaging Networks?

Raise more from matching gifts using Engaging Networks.

No IT Work Required

Easy API key activation means you can activate the integration in a matter of minutes. 

The Whole Experience

Interact with donors about matching gifts on the donation form via autocomplete search tool & confirmation page with 360MatchPro matching gift plugin

Flexible Settings

Choose the best pages for your 360MatchPro tools with form-level customization. 

"We’re excited to have Double the Donation’s gift matching capabilities in our suite of exceptional fundraising tools for nonprofits. This integration enables our nonprofit clients to generate more revenue and value for their causes.”

Clinton O'Brien
President and COO

How do Double the 
Donation and Engaging Networks
work together?

Everyone agrees we're a great match.

How does the Double 
the Donation & Engaging Networks
integration work?

Integrating Double the Donation with Engaging Networks is quick and simple! Check out our integration guide, follow the setup steps, and instantly start raising more money from matching gifts.


We work together to support nonprofits.

We're proud to work together to support these nonprofits and more.

Can’t get enough of this integration?

Check out these additional resources to learn more.

Partnership Case Study

Learn more about how the 360MatchPro and Engaging Networks integration services Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mercy Home, and more. 

Humane Society Case Study

The Humane Society of the United States identified over $250,000 in match eligible donations within a year.

Ready to raise more 
from matching gifts?